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Ji2 Secure Data Erasing Solutions

What do you want to erase?

harddriveLoose Drives

Erase your loose drive data with our hardware products or the software.

Hardware products


Erase high volume data for servers with data erasure software.


computer Laptops/Desktops

Use our USB Dock or software to erase the data for your PC.




Why Ji2?

Ji2 has been providing secure data erasing solutions worldwide since 2001. Our best practices in the areas of asset management and recycling have been widely received by world leading corporations looking for an excellent return on investment and a reliable quality output.

Ji2 is committed to our clients' growth by developing new products and services that meet the needs of a changing market. Demand for solutions such as smartphone testing and erasing are developing fast and Ji2 will be delivering these tools in the coming months. Ji2 is the all in one solution provider for secure data erasing.


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