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SSD & HDD Duplication Solutions

Ji2 offers the fastest hard drive duplicators available, from small to large applications for every storage drive interface on the market such as SATA, ATA, SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel, and even USB. All our solutions perform sector to sector copy or data only copy. They also work with hard drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) regardless of the manufacturer, size (GB), and OS. Laptop drives (2.5”) and PC/Server drives (3.5”) are also all included.

We provide solutions to countless industries that require data duplication such as digital cinema, medical industry, IT solutions, end of life equipment, etc. Click here for a comparison chart of our duplication solutions.

XG1020 - High speed multi-use 1 to 1

arrowWorks with SATA/ATA drives.
arrowCan perform health tests & wiping.
arrowIdeal for quick backups and copying failing drives.

Samurai 3.0 - SSD High speed duplicator 1 to 2

arrowFast 36GB/min maximum SATA speed ideal for SSD.
arrowCapable of duplicating 2 different masters at once.
arrowForensic features also included.
Disk Duplicator
Low cost duplication 1 to 3
Disk Duplicator Rack
High volume mass duplicator
Disk duplicator
arrowWorks with all SATA/ATA HDD/SSD 3.5”/2.5” as well as CRU.
arrowIdeal for low to high volume duplication such as digital cinema or PC/laptop system builders.
arrowStandard server rack size for universal applications.
Samurai Jr.
All-in-one solution 1 to 1

arrowWorks with all SATA/ATA/SAS/SCSI/FC drives.
arrowCross-copy function allows updating old drive interface to newer drive interface, such as ATA to SATA, or old SCSI to new SCSI.
arrowStandalone for mobile onsite application.
CFD 400
Flash Drive Duplication and Data Erasure

arrowSupports compact flash drives

arrowLow-cost, easy-to-use duplicator that allows for efficient duplicating and wiping of compact flash drives on a small scale.


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